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Submitting Assignments with the Assignment Manager


The Assignment Manager does not officially support Google Chrome, Firefox 3.5 or Safari 4.0. Users of these browsers may receive the following error message when trying to upload a file to the Assignment Manager: "Please enter a valid file." The use of an officially supported browser will address this issue. Blackboard officially supports the use of the following browsers: Internet Explorer 7.0, Safari 3.1, and Firefox 3.0. For a list of current known Browser compatibility issues please visit:

  1. Go to the area in your course where the Assignment is located (eg., Course Materials).
  2. Click the View/Complete Assignment link.
  3. In the Comments field, enter any comments you would like the instructor or TAs to see. You do not need to enter a comment.
  4. To attach the assignment, click the Browse button to find the file on your computer.
  5. To attach another file, click the Add Another File button and then click Browse to find the next file. Repeat this step if you have several files to submit.
  6. If you are not finished, click the Save button to save what you've uploaded so far. If you just save the assignment, the instructor will not receive the assignment. You must submit an assignment in order for the instructor to see it.
  7. If you are ready to turn in your work, click Submit to send it to the instructor for grading.


Once you click Submit you are not able to change the files you have uploaded. Use Save instead until you know your file is completely done and ready to be turned in.

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