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What's New in myWPI?

A major upgrade of myWPI took place in August 2008. In the upgraded version of myWPI, some features have been updated and others have been added. These changes are intended to provide more flexibility and options to users and enhance the experience of using myWPI. Complete documentation on all of the myWPI features is available at the myWPI Help and Support Site.

New Grade Center

The Gradebook tool has been redesigned with an all-new appearance and some new features. The new Grade Center offers improved functionality as well as easier navigation. Users can now interact with the Grade Center in much the same way as they would with an Excel spreadsheet; just click the grid to enter grades. The new grade center also offers easier grade tracking and management and student feedback mechanisms. For more information, see:

Self and Peer Assessment

The new Self and Peer Assessment tools help students to become more engaged in their own learning by reflecting on the quality of their work. With the Self Evaluation tool students use instructor establish criteria to review and grade their own assessments. Through Self Evaluation students learn to better understand their own strengths and weaknesses. With the Peer Assessment tool, students can review the work of others in the class. Instructor established criteria is used as a basis for student comments on their peer's assignments. Through Peer Assessment students learn to collaborate and provide constructive peer criticism. For more information, see: Creating Assignments with the Self and Peer Assessment Tool

Refworks Bridge

The RefWorks Bridge brings users access to the popular online citation management program RefWorks from within the myWPI environment. RefWorks assists users in the management, storage and sharing of information, as well as generation of citations and bibliographies. RefWorks Bridge can be configured in two different ways from within a myWPI course site. First, the RefWorks Bridge can be configured to allow users to access their personal RefWorks accounts from within the course Tools page. This allows students to access their own personal data and information on the RefWorks server. Alternatively, instructors can set up course specific links to RefWorks databases from within courses. Course specific links can be used to direct students to class reading lists or group research projects specific to your class.

RefWorks: The Citation Management Tool

Digital Dropbox Phased Out

In the current version of myWPI the Assignment Manager and SafeAssign are available for student assignment submission. Blackboard, the company which makes the software that runs myWPI, is in the process of phasing out the Digital Dropbox in future releases of its software. In the latest release of the Blackboard software, which WPI will be using following the upgrade, the Dropbox is disabled systemwide due to limited Dropbox support. The Assignment Manager replaces the Dropbox and provides many convenient features for managing submitted assignments. It is recommended that you use the Assignment Manager, SafeAssign, or the Messages tool instead of the Dropbox. For a comparison of these tools and links to instructions on using them please see Online Assignment Submission Options.

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