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Formatting Master Slides in PowerPoint 2007

Benefits of formatting master slides:

Open the Slide Master

  1. From the menu ribbon, select the View tab > Slide Master.
  2. A new Slide Master tab will automatically appear.

Formatting Text

  1. Click on the master title style to select it.
  2. From the Slide Master tab, select the Fonts dropdown in the Edit Theme area.
  3. Tip

    You can also double click to highlight existing bulleted or numbered list and a floating font window will appear.

  4. Select the desired font, font style, font size, effects, and color.
  5. Click OK when you have finished selecting the font attributes for the title style.
  6. Click elsewhere on the slide to deselect the title style and view the font formatting.
  7. Repeat the steps as needed until you are satisfied with the appearance of the title style.
  8. Select each text style and follow steps 2 through 6 to format the appearance of the text.
  9. To change the bullets for each level of text, click on the text to select it and from the Home tab, expand the Bullets and Numbering menus.
  10. Tip

    You can also double click to highlight existing bulleted or numbered list and a floating font window will appear.

Moving and Resizing Text Areas

  1. Click on a text area. A border appears with resize handles.
  2. To resize the text area, click and drag a resize handle while keeping the mouse clicked. A dotted line shows the new size of the area.
  3. To move the text area, move the mouse pointer over the text area. The mouse pointer becomes a four-headed arrow. Click and drag the text area to a new location while keeping the mouse clicked.

Working with Footers and Special Placeholders

The Slide Master contains placeholders for date/time, slide number, and footer. These can be moved around, resized, and reformatted. You can also turn them on or off.

  1. In the menu ribbon, select the Insert tab > Header and Footer.
  2. The Header and Footer box appears.
  3. Click on the Slide number check box if you want the slides to be numbered.
  4. Type text in the Footer box if you want footer text on each slide.
  5. Click the Don't show on title slide check box if you do not want the placeholders to appear on the title slides.
  6. By default, the date/time does not appear even though the placeholder is turned on. This is because Fixed is the default setting and the Fixed box is blank. To make the date/time appear, type the date in the Fixed box or click Update automatically to set up an automatic date/time on each slide. Click the drop down menu to select the desired date/time format.
  7. Click Apply to All to apply the footers and placeholders to all slides.

Changing the Background

  1. From the menu ribbon, select the Slide Master tab > Background > Background Styles dropdown menu. The Background window appears.
  2. Select a predefined color.
  3. Tip

    Fill or Picture to select a gradient, texture, pattern, or picture for your background.

  4. You can preview your color selections before you apply simply by mousing over your selection.
  5. Click to apply the background selection to the slide master.

Return to Normal view

  1. After defining your slide master formats, return to the normal view so you can edit individual slides by selecting the Slide Master tab > Close Master View from the ribbon.
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