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Creating a Table of Contents

Benefits of Using a Table of Contents in Microsoft Word 2007:

Preparing Your Document for a Table of Contents

Organize your document by either using Microsoft Word’s defined heading styles, or your own custom heading styles to indicate section and paragraph headers (or titles).

  1. Highlight your section heading and sub-heading text (the text you would like to appear on the Table of Contents page) and select a style from the Home tab.

    Styles and Formatting

  2. Tip:

    Heading 1 in a Table of Contents would be a main section heading. Heading 2 would be a sub-section of a main section. Heading 3 would be a sub-section of the Heading 2 section.

    Visit Using Styles in Microsoft Word for more information on creating and defining heading styles in a Word 2007 document.

  3. Place your cursor at the location in your document where you want to insert a Table of Contents.

Inserting a Table of Contents into your Document

  1. From the References tab in Microsoft Word, select Table of Contents.
  2. From the Table of Contents dropdown, select a style that meets your needs.


    You can also select Insert Table of Contents from the bottom of the menu to customize how your table will appear. From this window, select the Table of Contents tab.

  3. A Table of Contents appears in the location you selected in the previous section.

Modifying/Updating an Existing Table of Contents

Reflecting New Sections, Heading Edits, or Page Number Changes in your Table of Contents

  1. If you have updated or added sections to your document, you do not have to manually add these items to your existing Table of Contents. Go to the References tab and select Update Table.
  2. An Update Table of Contents window appears. Select the radio button next to Update entire table and select the OK button.
  3. Check the Table of Contents to make sure that your changes/edits were reflected properly.

Modifying the Appearance of a Table of Contents

  1. From Reference tab, select the Table of Contents button and Insert Table of Contents
  2. You can modify the appearance of your Table of Contents in the Table of Contents window.
  3. Microsoft Word provides users with a view basic Table of Contents templates. To view these, select them from the Formats drop-down.
  4. Once you have selected a pre-defined template that you like, select the OK button. A window appears asking you if you would like to replace your current Table of Contents. Select the OK button to confirm.
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