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iPod Basics

ATC iPod Kits

When you reserve an iPod kit from the ATC, you receive an iPod and a number of accessories in a carrying case. The kits are lightweight and relatively easy to carry around campus.

The iPod kit should include:

1 Apple 5th Generation 80 gig iPod in black
1 iPod Dock Connector to USB 2.0 cable
1 iPod USB Power Adapter
1 MicroMemo digital audio recorder for iPod

Familiarizing Yourself with the iPod

  1. iPod click Wheel
  2. Select button
  3. iPod screen
  4. Dock Connector
  5. Hold switch
  6. Headphone-in

iPod Click Wheel

The Click Wheel is touch-sensitive and allows you to navigate through the iPod menus when the iPod is turned on.

To turn the iPod on, press any button on the click wheel.

To navigate up or down in an iPod menu, slide your finger in a circular motion around the click wheel. To navigate to the next menu, press the Select button.

To skip back and forth through songs, videos, or images loaded on the iPod, press the Forward/Next or Rewind/Back buttons.

To turn off the iPod, press and hold the Play/Pause button.

Select Button

When the iPod is powered on, pressing this button will select/expand a menu item or view/play a playlist, song, or video.

iPod screen

In addition to navigating through your iPod by viewing selections in this space, your screen will function as a video player and provides file meta-data when you are playing multimedia. The screen will display image and movie files at a 320x240 pixel resolution.

Dock Connector

Located at the bottom of the iPod. This is where the USB cable is plugged in to charge the iPod either by connecting it to an open USB 2.0 port on your computer or to the iPod USB Power Adaptor which can plugged into any wall outlet. This is also the location where the MicroMemo audio recorder is connected to the iPod for creating podcast files.

Hold switch

Located at the top-left of the iPod. To lock your iPod, slide the Hold switch to the right. When the Hold switch is slid to the right, you will not be able to use any of the buttons or functions on your iPod. This is beneficial if you are carrying the iPod in your pocket or bag as this feature prevents the iPod from inadvertantly turning on or off.


Located at the top-right of the iPod. Plug in any 3.5mm headphone jack into this input.

Charging the iPod

There are two ways to charge the iPod. The first is to connect the USB 2.0 cable to an open USB port on your computer and connect the other end to the iPod's dock connector. If your computer is powered on, this will charge the iPod.

The other way to charge the iPod is to plug the USB Power Adapter into any electrical wall outlet. Then, plug the USB 2.0 cable into the USB port on the power adapter and connect the dock end to the iPod.

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