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Assigning Multimedia Projects to Students

Multimedia projects can engage students in the content of your class and allow them to demonstrate their learning in creative, engaging ways. Multimedia projects can include video, digital images, audio files, music, PowerPoint, etc. Examples of multimedia projects can include:

The Academic Technology Center has many resources that may be useful to your students when completing their multimedia projects. To help your students, it is important that you consider the following when assigning multimedia projects.

Plan ahead

Contact the ATC before the beginning of the term to alert them to specific needs your students may have. If we know about a project ahead of time, we can better serve your students. We have an inventory of equipment that can be checked out by your students. Alerting us to a project ahead of time helps us juggle our equipment demand more effectively and we can be available for special training sessions for students.


Complete the Multimedia Project Planning Form as soon as you know you will be assigning a multimedia project, preferably before the beginning of the term. The form is sent to the ATC. An ATC staff member will contact you to go over the details.

Set the due date before the end of the term

Demand for resources is always high at the end of terms, so having your due date earlier in the term will make it easier for your students to obtain the necessary resources.

Be clear about the workload

Let the students know that they must plan ahead for a multimedia project and that they should not wait to the last minute to get started. Encourage your students to review the Completing a Multimedia Project page for tips on completing their projects.

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