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Classroom Performance System (Clickers) Bookstore Model

January 8, 2007

Several faculty in Biology and Biotechnology have experimented using the Classroom Performance System, commonly known as “clickers”, to assess students. The Academic Technology Center has six kits available for short-term loan, but if you are interested in quizzing/testing students or grading them based on participation, the bookstore model may be for you. Unlike the loaner model, you do not need to be responsible for distributing and collecting the clickers as students purchase them with their books at the start of the semester/term for $15. An additional $13 activation fee for each semester (i.e. two WPI terms) also applies. The bookstore model allows you to create a link between clickers purchased and activated by students from the bookstore and your myWPI course site. Students are automatically graded on their score and those scores can be uploaded and made available to students immediately with the click of a button. The clickers purchased by the bookstore can be reused for other courses. The bookstore also buys back used clickers from students who will not be using them in additional classes.

If you are interested in a demonstration or would like more information, please contact Kate Wrigley in the Academic Technology Center at 508-831-6012 or

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