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Teaching Technology Fellowship Graduation Ceremony

On May 8th, 2006 The Teaching Technology Fellowship will be graduating ten Fellows:

Dr. John Bergendahl (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
Dr. Kristen Billiar (Biomedical Engineering)
Dr. Michael Elmes (Management)
Dr. Michelle Ephraim (Humanities & Arts)
Dr. Allen Hoffmann (Mechanical Engineering)
Dr. Zhikun Hou (Mechanical Engineering)
Dr. Karen Lemone (Computer Science)
Dr. Oleg Pavlov (Social Science & Policy Studies)
Dr. Jeanine Plummer (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
Dr. John Sullivan (Mechanical Engineering)

These ten Fellows have spent the past two years designing and developing their Fellowship projects, discussing learning strategies, sharing experiences, and "test running" course materials. Please join us in congratulating them!

Details about the program are available at

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