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2009 Course Redesign Technology Grant Recipients

Mark Claypool

Computer Science

Course: IMGD 1001, The Game Development Process
Project Title: An Improved Game Development Environment for IMGD 1001
Description: Create, deploy, and assess tutorials that introduce first year students to Action Script, a development environment they will be able to use throughout the four-year curriculum and beyond in industry.

Jennifer deWinter

Humanities and Arts

Course: RH3211, Rhetoric of Visual Design
Project Title: Innovations in Visual Communication
Description: Create a rich and complex website with a visual image repository, collaborative space, and showcase for student projects in RH3211, Rhetoric of Visual Design, and will use a tablet PC to foster students’ physical interaction with visual forms.

Paul Mathisen, and Suzanne LePage

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Courses: CE3070, CE3071, CE4061, CE4071
Project Title: Course Redesign and Integration of GIS Software into CEE Urban and Environmental Planning Courses
Description: Realign the course content and syllabi of four courses and incorporate GIS software, in part through a GIS course site that includes case studies and data sets

Svetlana Nikitina

Humanities and Arts

Courses: HU3900, Inquiry Seminar on Literature of the Digital Age
Project Title: Supporting Students in the Development, Displaying and Critiquing of Multimedia Narratives
Description: This grant supports resources and tools that will enable students to produce, share, and display cutting edge literary narratives in the digital medium for the “Literature in a Digital Age” Inquiry Seminar.

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