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2011 Course Redesign Technology Grant Recipients

Joseph Farbrook


Course: AR2201, IMGD3500, IMGD4500
Project Title: 3D Model Database and Repository
Description: Create a 3D Model database and repository so that students taking animation and game design courses have ready access and use of WPI generated 3D models.

Leanne Johnson


Course: All off-campus IQPs, MQPs, HU&A's, ISRPs, and Exchange programs
Project Title: Orientation Modules for Students Traveling to Project Centers
Description: Design and implement online course modules which would be used to supplement the Global Perspective Program's current pre-departure orientation program.

Aarti Madan

Humanities & Arts

Courses: Advanced Spanish I & II
Project Title: VodBurner and Podcasts: WPI Students Making Spanish News
Description: Advanced Spanish students will record task-based interviews with members of the Hispanic community (either Worcester or over Skype). Students will edit the interviews and add commentary before posting them on a class website.

Lauren Mathews

Biology & Biotechnology

Courses: BB2040
Project Title: Interactive Web Tools for Fostering Collaborative Learning
Description: Implement interactive tools to evaluate facilitation of collaborative learning in the laboratory component of BB2040, Principles of Ecology. Insights should be generalizable to other educational scenarios in which collaborative interaction is often a stated or implicit goal.

Joshua Rosenstock


Courses: IMGD/AR 3x00 Inter-media Electronic Arts
Project Title: Innovations in Interactive Media Arts
Description: Create a series of web-based multimedia tutorials. Design a set of hardware “multimedia experimenter’s toolkits.”

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