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2013 Course Redesign Technology Grant Recipients

Esther Boucher


Course:ISE181X and ISE182X
Project Title: An Interactive Grammar Lab for ESL Writers
Description: The purpose of this project is to develop a technology-supported approach to teaching grammar and improving writing for ESL learners. The project involves designing and building interactive modules and multimodal presentation of materials focusing specifically on grammar that would be used to supplement the teaching of undergraduate writing courses for international non-native speakers of English at WPI.

Ulrike Brisson


Course:GN3511 and GN3512
Project Title: Clicking the German Classroom
Description: In order to enhance student participation in the German classroom, this project will be used to develop in-class exercises to which students can respond using clickers. Using such technology will ensure the participation of all students, provide feedback to the instructor about grammatical or lexical problems so that these can be addressed. Current materials don’t lend themselves to the use of clickers and need to be developed.

Mike Buckholt and Jill Rulfs


Project Title: Reinforcing Concepts and Connections Across the Biology Curriculum
Description: The purpose of this proposal is to create concept maps for BB1035, BB2550, BB2901, BB2902, and BB4008. Additionally, a variety of available tools (e.g., Lovely Charts, Visio, Popplet) will be evaluated for use in concept mapping that can be employed by all members of the biology faculty.

Nancy Burnham


Course: PH1110
Project Title: Clicker Questions for Preparation for Introductory Mechanics Laboratories
Description: This project will create nine sets of explanatory material and clicker questions for conference instructors such that students are better prepared for their 50-minute mechanics lab sessions.

Ryan Madan


Project Title: From Feedback to “Veedback”: Increasing Instructor Efficiency and Student Engagement through Screencasted Teacher Commentary
Description: This project will research, experiment with, and implement a system of “veedback” (audio-visual feedback) in providing instructor commentary on students’ written work in Elements of Writing (WR1010). Screencasting software will be used to cre- ate an individual movie for each student essay that pairs a visual record of on-screen interaction with the student’s digital text, ultimately creating a voice recording of instructor reactions and suggestions. Such a technique promises to make comment- ing more efficient for the instructor and more engaging for students.

VJ Manzo


Course: MU3611
Project Title: Foundations of Music through Interactive Technology
Description: A traditional education in music requires the ability to play an instrument in order to realize the core concepts of musicianship. The proposed project will result in the development of software that will allow students without prior music experience to learn these musicianship skills through the use of accessible software-based instru- ments. This software will enhance the learning experiences in our fundamental mu- sic courses, provide a multimedia instructional tool for faculty, and prepare students for participation in our music ensembles.

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