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Course Design Technology Grants Application Process

Applicants are encouraged to discuss their ideas with one of the individuals listed below prior to submitting a proposal.

To apply for a Course Design Technology Grant, a cover page and proposal must be submitted no later than February 2, 2015. Submissions can include a complete hard copy of the cover page with original signatures and the proposal, or a hard copy with original signatures of the cover page with a Word file containing the remainder of the proposal. Proposals should be submitted to Kate Beverage in the ATC (x6012,

Applications will be reviewed by representatives from the ATC and from the Educational Development Council (EDC), including at least two faculty and a student. Applicants will be notified of the review committee’s decisions in D-term.

Proposals should contain:

Allowable Costs

Grants for single investigators focusing on a single course or project center have ranged from $3,000 to $7,000 in recent years. The EDC/ATC encourages multiple investigator, program-wide, and/or cross-disciplinary initiatives, which would be suitable for higher levels of funding.

Typical allowable costs include:

  1. hourly wages for students (not tuition);
  2. faculty compensation (note 1);
  3. fees for an assessment/evaluation consultant;
  4. supplies, software, and equipment (note 2); and
  5. travel and professional development related to the project.

Evidence of cost-sharing from the program or department, or from other sources, often strengthens a proposal but is not essential.

Note 1: Applicants are encouraged to hire students for project activities whenever appropriate. Faculty compensation is appropriate only for activity that extends beyond normal teaching expectations; applicants are advised to address this point in their budget justification. Faculty compensation may be used either for summer support or academic year release time (pending approval of department head). For full-time faculty and staff, benefits will not be charged to these grants.

Note 2: This grants program does not provide funding for software and equipment for routine education of WPI students since that normally comes from department capital or IT budgets. However, software or equipment necessary for enabling pedagogical innovation is suitable for funding.

Application Information

Contact Information

Questions about the program can be addressed to any of the following individuals:

Mary Beth Harrity
Director, ATC, x5220

Kate Beverage
Associate Director, ATC, x6012

Chrysanthe Demetry, Ph.D.
Director, Morgan Teaching & Learning Center, x5195

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