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Student Employees - Information Technology Access


Student employees may need specialized access to work within your department. A form to request access for student work study employees can be found online within Human Resources Forms: Information Technology Access Request

When to complete an Access Request Form

This form is needed to request student employee access for:

This form is not needed to:

Note: Access expires at semester’s end (Dec., May, Aug.).
Continuation of access may be requested without resubmitting the form by contacting the Helpdesk prior to expiration.
Current Access Expires Contact IT During To Continue Access for
A + B Terms End of the last week of B term December C + D Terms
C + D Terms End of the last week of D term April Summer Term
Summer Term Last week before A term August A + B Terms

How to complete an access request form

The form can be completed electronically and emailed to from the department Information Analyst (or the student supervisor if the department does not have an Information Analyst). Optionally the form can be printed, signed, and sent via interoffice mail to the Information Technology Department.

How a student employee accesses systems

The credentials a student employee uses to access systems varies depending on their role.

Student Personal Admin Account Work Study Admin Account Banner Prod
Username Use own username username_ws (“username” here may differ from personal admin username if the latter was created prior to May 2011) Use own username to login via Banner INB Forms link. (Don’t need “other Banner options”)
Access Departmental work study network file share which does not contain sensitive data
  • Departmental network file share (other than work study share) which may contain sensitive data
  • Restricted by time/computer

Form classes

  • Add form names if class needs to be defined
  • ORACLE roles do not need to be listed here
Expiration Based upon student registration End of last week of semester End of last week of semester

If you need assistance completing the form, or have questions about student employee access, you are welcome to contact the Helpdesk at or x5888.

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