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Starting Out

Welcome to the WPI Community! As a new staff member, WPI's Information Technology Department (IT) provides many services to assist you in becoming a productive and valuable employee within our organization. As a WPI employee you will receive: an e-mail address, access to many office productivity software titles, and personal storage space on the WPI systems. Responsibilities are outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy.


If you have not yet taken part in New Employee Orientation, you should contact the Helpdesk. New Employee Orientation is held each week to help acclimate new employees to the many resources available at our campus. IT offers a specific technology component to introduce new employees to the WPI computing experience.


Most offices will come equipped with a computer already setup on the WPI network. Depending on your department, this computer will be setup by IT or by a technical contact within your own department. If you have a personal computer or laptop that you wish to use on the WPI Network, please see the Network Operations Guide for Staff.


After your department submits a CCC Account Request Form to Human Resources, IT creates your accounts. Each of the various accounts available to staff is explained in detail in our Accounts section. Your password will be distributed to you at New Employee Orientation. Your individual academic department may have separate accounts and access to computing facilities that will need to be set up independently. Please contact the administrative assistant(s) in your department for further details.

Never reveal any of your passwords to another person, or make any of your WPI accounts available to another person. Please remember that no one in WPI IT will ever ask you for your password and you should never provide it. Any such requests are fraudulent. For more information you may visit Password Responsibilities and Precautions.

Accessing E-mail

Your WPI e-mail account is created at the same time as your other WPI accounts. Your address is your username followed by, and is accessed with your WPI credentials. IT recommends using either the Outlook client or the Outlook Web Access interface, allowing access to additional resources, such as calendars. If your department will be setting you up on its own e-mail system and you want to check your e-mail from one account only, you will need to configure forwarding to that departmental account.

To communicate information pertinent to WPI academics or business to the entire campus via email, there are community mailing lists. You are welcome to consult the Helpdesk for assistance. Please refrain from sending email of a personal nature to the entire campus as it violates the AUP; there is a community list for this purpose. See also Community E-mail Lists and E-mail Etiquette.

Accessing Network File Storage

Each staff member has access to personal and web storage space on the network server. This can be accessed via Windows or Macintosh, whether on-campus or off-campus. Many departments also have business shares on the network. For directions on connecting to these, please see Mapping a Network Drive.

Accessing Software at WPI

As a staff member at WPI, you are allowed access to more than two hundred software applications, including a number of Microsoft titles. The titles, version and licenses currently available at WPI along with installation instructions, are listed on the Network Software Page.

If you need to request additional software, please consult our Software Request Policy.

Accessing WPI's Wireless Network

Wireless network access is pervasive across campus. Wireless card recommendations can be found on the Wireless Networking Page. For computer or mobile device registration and configuration directions, visit Wireless Configuration.

Extended Leave

As you prepare for an extended leave, please visit our Extended Leave FAQ page for answers.

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