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Labs & Facilities

Numerous computer labs, containing different kinds of computers, printers, and peripherals, are scattered around campus. There are many general-purpose public labs across campus that are maintained by the CCC but are run through a particular department. In these labs, the departments determine the lab hours and hire staff independently of the CCC. These labs are always open to the general WPI community, though students from that discipline are often found populating the lab.

Students are not allowed to install software on Lab PC's other than what is provided by WPI through advertised programs. Any incidental software installations should be done on personal computers. Professors should make available to the CCC any software that is necessary for a class at least a term (8 weeks) in advance. Please see the software request page for the full policy.

Students, if you have software that you feel is necessary for your academic pursuits please notify the Helpdesk and include the name of the software, its purpose, why it is needed, and any pertinent licensing information. Software must be tested prior to distribution to make sure that it doesn't cause system instability.

Some departments also have labs that are very specialized or dedicated to certain classes and are therefore not available to the general WPI community. Contact the department you are interested in for information on these types of labs.

The CCC also maintains several servers which are accessible from anywhere on campus. These servers provide a wide range of software and services such as e-mail, newsgroups, web pages, and network printing to members of the WPI community. Other departments and groups may run their own servers, and should be contacted directly for information about them.

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