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Machine Registration Expiration

Periodically, an automated scan of the NetReg host registration database is triggered. This scan checks to find the last time that each host was seen on the network. Any hosts which have not been seen are considered to no longer be on the network, and the registration records are marked for later deletion.

In order for a record to be eligible for deletion, two conditions must first be met:

Once a machine is found to be eligible for expiration, the record is marked to be deleted in 90 days, and the owners will be sent an automated email notification. Once a machine has been marked, the owner can cancel deletion of the machine via NetReg.

Canceling deletion of a machine in this way does not exempt it from future deletion if it continues to be absent from the network.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often are machines scanned?

The scan is run on the first of every month.

I have machines that aren't on the network, but I need the records to stay.

You may request that machines be exempted from the expiration process by sending the request to Network Operations. Each request will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

I have an expiring machine that's currently in use on the network. Why is it showing up on your list?

If you have a machine that is marked for deletion, but it is currently in use on the network, the most likely cause is that the machine is not configured for DHCP, and the registration does not have the correct MAC address. If this is the case, you should retain the machine using the View Expiring Machines link in NetReg, and then update the record to reflect the correct MAC address.

If I put my machine back on the network, will it be automatically taken off the list?

No. You must use the View Expiring Machines link and select Retain for the machine you wish to remove from the expiration list.

Why do you expire network registrations?

These periodic network purges are designed to reduce the accumulation of old registrations. WPI's IP address space is limited, and eliminating old registrations ensures that we can make efficient use of these resources.

I have machines registered to me, but they aren't mine. What should I do with them?

During the course of reviewing your registrations, you may find some machines that aren't scheduled to expire, but that you don't believe you have responsibility for. You may choose to simply delete these unknown registrations, but if they aren't on the expiration list, you can assume they are still in use on the WPI network. In this case, we recommend that you contact Network Operations so they may identify its correct owner. Once the owner is found, the machine will no longer be listed with your registrations.

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