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The WPI-owned fiber optic backbone, consisting of multiple single and multimode fiber connections to 45 of its buildings, lies at the core of the WPI network. The fiber backbone is arranged in a star format with each building having its own dedicated fiber path.

The core of the WPI network backbone, running over the single mode fiber, is a redundant backbone featuring up to 40 Gigabits (4 x 10 Gigabit Ethernet) of dedicated bandwidth per building.

The WPI Academic Network has been completely upgraded to provide Gigabit connections to the WPI faculty, staff, and students in academic buildings. Each building has redundant Gigabit uplinks to the WPI backbone with VLAN combinations to provide enhanced security & traffic monitoring.

The WPI backbone extends to 17 Dormitories via multiple 10 Gigabit links to each, terminating in Juniper Networks EX4200 Switches. The dormitory switches provide Gigabit connections to all students in the residence halls. The network traffic to the WPI student residences travels over its own VLANs helping to address security and traffic issues.

WPI offers the Greek community access to the network via a point to point dedicated wireless network. Each of the 14 participating Greek houses can access the network at a speed of 150 Megabits/sec. The WPI Greek network traffic also travels over its own VLANs helping to address security and traffic issues.

The WPI network is also connected to Internet2 via a Gigabit Ethernet link to the Internet2 network. Internet2 is a high-speed research network that allows WPI students, faculty, and staff to collaborate with other schools, government agencies, and corporations on high tech projects. WPI maintains and operates the Goddard GigaPoP for Internet2, which allows us to serve as a connector for other schools and businesses allowing them the same access.

WPI offers a VPN network to faculty, staff, or students traveling abroad that enables the user to appear locally on our network. The VPN uses high strength encryption to allow users to access protected on campus resources from remote sites.

WPI has made firm commitments to keep the network infrastructure cutting edge. We have developed a 10-year strategic plan to invest $12M into network upgrades and improvements, allowing a 5-year replacement cycle for network equipment.

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