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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For WPI students and employees, if questions are not answered by this FAQ, they may be directed to the WPI Helpdesk or call (508) 831-5888.

General Questions

What does this standard mean? How does it apply to me?
Contact the WPI Helpdesk or call (508) 831-5888.

How can I get technical help to be in compliance
Contact the WPI Helpdesk or call (508) 831-5888.

What if my department's office procedures are not in compliance?
It is the department head's responsibility to establish compliant procedures for their office. To obtain guidance or assistance, contact the WPI Helpdesk or call (508) 831-5888.

Working from home or on a laptop

Does the Mobile Device and Personally-Owned Device Management Standard apply to my WPI-owned laptop?

How come the WPI website doesn't provide detailed instructions for setting up a router?
The procedures vary from router to router and there are numerous routers, and new ones frequently coming on the market.

Is the VPN fully encrypted and secure?

Is my Outlook mail seure on my laptop or home desktop?
If you cache your email and do not encrypt your user directory, then all the information in your emails can be obtained from someone who has your machine in their possession or has access to your machine.

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