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Residence Hall Dialing Instructions

Local calls: Dial 9 + 10 digit number
All Long Distance Calls: Dial 9 + 800 number on your prepaid or long distance calling card, proceed as directed.


For all new voicemail requests or problems, contact the Helpdesk or email the Telecommunications Office at If you have a voicemail mailbox currently setup, please refer to the following quick reference guide.

Please see voicemail quick reference for more info on available voicemail commands.

Miscellaneous Tones

Dial tone: a continuous steady tone (You may dial at this point)

Broken dial tone: a pulsing dial tone tells you that you have voice messages. See voicemail, above. (You are still able to dial at this point)

Special dial tone: Three short tones followed by dial tone (Heard in conference calls or when transferring calls)

Slow busy tone: Line is busy

Fast busy tone: Incorrect dialing, or feature denied

Reporting Problems

To report a problem with your telephone line, or if you have questions about resident hall telephone service, please contact the Helpdesk or email the Telecommunications Office at

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