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Using Multi-Line Phones

This is a summary of the basic communications features of the WPI telephone system. Some features do not apply to all telephones on campus. Here are a few Quick Reference documents for multi-line phones you may see across campus:

Feature Action Procedure
Call Forward To Activate Without lifting handset, press Forward Key (flashing indicator), dial number where calls are to be forwarded, press Forward key again (indicator goes on steadily).
To Cancel Press Forward key (indicator goes off).
To Reinstate (To same number) Press Forward key twice (indicator goes on steadily).
Call Pickup To Respond Lift handset, hear dial tone, press Call Pickup Key or SPRE code 1 plus 3, answer call.
Call Transfer To Activate Press Transfer key (first call is placed on consultation hold), dial number, announce caller in privacy, press Transfer key again, hang up.
Conference/Consultation Hold To Activate Press Conference key (first call is placed on consultation hold), dial number, announce conference, press Conference key again, repeat procedure for additional conferees (up to six parties, including yourself).
Ring Again To Activate Press Ring Again key (indicator goes on steadily), hang up.
To Respond Set will buzz (flashing Ring Again indicator), lift handset, hear dial tone, press Ring Again key.
To Cancel Without lifting handset, press Ring Again key.
Autodial To Program Before a Call and To Use Without lifting handset, press Autodial key (flashing indicator), dial number to be store
Last Number Redial To Use Lift handset and press line key or press the line key twice Number is redialed
Camp-On To Respond During Call Hear short buzz, terminate conversation, press Release (RLS) key once or hang up, hear ringing (second call is on the line).
Dial Intercom To Use Press I/C key, hear dial tone, dial 1-, 2-, or 3-digit intercom number.
Message Waiting To Respond When Message indicator is flashes, press the Message key, dial your directory number, press #, dial your pin, press #, and retrieve message from voice mail system.
If you are calling from your own phone, you may just press # without entering your directory number, since it will default to your number.
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