Regenerative Biosciences and Engineering

Mesenchymal stem cells seen on a single fibrin microthread, which is about the thickness of a human hair. The cells showing green are in the process of dividing. The cells and threads are used in BEI cardiac regeneration studies.

Research is aimed at developing cellular, molecular and engineering technologies that harness the body’s natural regenerative abilities to heal wounds including bone, muscle, myocardium, heart valves, nerves, and soft connective tissues. The center draws upon WPI faculty expertise in the life sciences, surface chemistry and biomedical engineering, including areas such as stem cell and developmental biology, cell/surface analyses, biomaterials scaffold design and characterization, MEMS-based microfabrication, biomechanics and mechanobiology. Researchers in this center maintain close collaborations with clinicians and scientists at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and other regional healthcare institutions, and universities across the country.

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