Wireless Networking Standard


WPIís wireless network provides wireless access to the internet and the WPI network, expanding on and sometimes overlapping the locations already provided by the wired network. This purpose of this standard is to provide for the continued security and accessibility of the wireless network. The standard explains the following information:


This standard covers the WPI community and equipment of the WPI community working within the wireless airspace.


WPI Faculty and Staff will contact Network Operations for assistance with research plans based in wireless networking technologies. Professors seeking to perform wireless research should contact Network Operations for assistance to ensure that any wireless configurations do not interfere with the WPI production network and that any criteria for the research are met.

WPI employees, students, and any other wireless users adhere to any and all of the following:


First Offense: Faculty, staff, and students will be warned and this policy will be explained. Computers and resources that are mediums for the violations may be disabled until the owner has had a discussion about the violation. This violation will be explained by a member of the Information Security office.

Second Offense: Faculty, staff, and students will need to speak with a member of Information Security about the second violation. A studentís network access for their personal computers will be suspended from the point the second violation is discovered to one week after the violation is explained and a notice will be sent to the Student Affairs office. Other resources may also be suspended for a week if they were involved in the studentís transgressions.

Serious Offense: Serious Violations: Faculty, staff, and students will need to speak with a member of Information Security about the violation. Those students with repeat offenses or who exhibit malicious intent to compromise, disrupt, or circumvent security will be referred to the Dean of Students Office for resolution, which may include forwarding to the Campus Hearing Board (CHB). The student will have their network access for their personal computers suspended pending the resolution of the case. The CHB may adjudicate further based on the findings of the case. Other computing resources may be suspended if they were in involved in the student's transgressions.


Please email any questions to itsecurity@wpi.edu.


In order to stay current with the changing policy environment, this standard is reviewed annually. Changes are made when necessary.

Revision History

August 19, 2008 - IT approved the standard.

October 20, 2008 - Minor clarifications at request of CITP

August 10th, 2009 - Update to Judicial review and minor changes

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