Facilities, Equipment and Other Resources

WPI maintains facilities that support the research described herein and many other research efforts. Major laboratories are housed in Fuller Laboratories (the Information Sciences Building housing Computer Science, Information Technology (IT), and the Academic Technology Center), Atwater Kent Laboratories (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Higgins Laboratories (Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering), Washburn Laboratories (Materials Science, Manufacturing) Goddard Hall (Chemistry and Chemical Engineering) and Kaven Hall (Civil and Environmental Engineering). These, and all other campus buildings are connected by an internal network accessible from all faculty and graduate student offices as well as laboratories. In addition, the Central Massachusetts Magnetic Resonance Imaging Laboratory is located 2 miles away and houses WPI's experimental facilities for MRI research.

All the laboratories supporting the projects described herein are equipped with appropriate workstations and computing equipment. In addition, WPI maintains many research laboratories that depend on computing and communications to fulfill their missions. In addition to those described in Section 3, it is worthwhile to note the additional resources available in the Design Studios, Multi-Media Laboratory, Discovery Classroom, Academic Technology Center and IT. Finally, it should be noted that WPI provides access to some scientific instruments using the Internet. For example, Worcester State University utilizes the WPI 400 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer in labs associated with its chemistry courses. In this way, WSU maintains currency in its science teaching which would otherwise be prohibited by cost.

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