I2 NSF Grant

WPI's membership in Internet2 and the subsequent establishment of the Goddard GigaPoP were made possible through an NSF Supporting Grant (#9975857). This grant was awarded in 1999. Of course the WPI campus network, and Internet2 as well, have developed much higher capabilities since that time. Please keep that in mind if you peruse these pages.

Below are links to the sections of the proposal WPI submitted to obtain this funding.

WPI Development Program for Faculty

In 2001, the Academic Affairs Division and Information Technology announced a Development Program to fund the development of compelling research and educational applications that exploit the capabilities of Internet2.

Dr. Kaveh Pahlavan, ECE professor, received funds for his proposal of the Performance Analysis of a Distance Learning Experiment over Internet2 (PDF). In this project he designs a test-bed to evaluate the performance of Internet2 and compare it with the performance of traditional Internet used in distance learning application (e-learning). In the overall scenario for this application professors with different specialties distributed in several universities worldwide participate in teaching a classroom. Each professor teaches his/her parts of the course from his/her own campus to students distributed in several campuses accessing the course material through their laptops connected to Internet through a wireless LAN.

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