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Andy Butler

The Instrumentation Core provides users access to sophisticated analytical characterization capabilities for chemical and biological compounds. 
The instruments in the Core are available for external use on a fee-for-service basis.

FY13 Instrumentation Fee Schedule External Users

Bruker BioSpin 500MHz Avance III Digital NMR spectrometer
Bruker AXS Kappa Apex II single crystal x-ray difractometer
Bruker AXS D8 Focus powder x-ray difractometer
Agilent 1200 LC/MS system with 6130 series single-quadrupole
Agilent 1200 GC/MS System with 5975 series single-quadrupole
Bruker Optics Vertex70 FTIR spectrometer
Varian SpectrAA 880 atomic absorption spectrometer
Applied Biosystems qPCR

Total internal reflection fluorescence microscope
FTIR Spectrometer Tensor 37, BrukerOptics
Thermogravimetric Analyzer; TA instruments
Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC); TA Instruments
UV-VIS Evolution 300 Spectrometer; Thermo Scientific
Luminescence Spectrometer; Perkin Elmer
Surface Plasmon Resonance, Reichert
Stopped Flow Spectrophotometer, Applied Biophysics

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