Gateway Park

Worcester Polytechnic Institute's (WPI) Gateway Park is a growing center of research, innovation, and commerce.

WPI's 125,000 square-foot Life Sciences and Bioengineering Center is the flagship complex at Gateway Park. Located in downtown Worcester, Massachusetts, the Center opened in 2007 and is fully occupied with graduate research laboratories, life science companies, state-of-the-art core facilities, and WPI's Corporate and Professional Education division.

Responding to the significant need for an expanded, well-trained workforce to help their industry grow, Abbott Laboratories, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Shire Human Genetic Therapies (HGT) have signed on as inaugural partners for Worcester Polytechnic Institute's (WPI) Biomanufacturing Education and Training Center (BETC), a first-of-its-kind facility in the Northeast now under construction at WPI's Gateway Park.

Gateway Park is not about real estate or lab space. It’s about creating a destination where life sciences companies can flourish. It’s a place where scientists, scholars, students, and entrepreneurs can work together and grow the supercluster of biotech industry in Massachusetts.

Learn more about Gateway Park and how your company may fit within this exciting public/private partnership.

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