Transfer Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there specific courses I should take before I can apply as a transfer?

WPI does require that all of its transfer applicants complete at least one calculus course with a recommended grade of B or better if they are thinking of being a transfer. We are not able to tell you as a transfer student what classes you must take at another college simply because we are not able to anticipate what your college's own requirements are and what your own schedule is.

For this reason we ask you to call the Admissions Office at +1-508-831-5286 for guidelines. If you are taking four classes in a semester, two must be appropriate math or science classes; if you are taking five classes, three must be appropriate math or science.

What is the typical SAT score at WPI and is this required to transfer?

WPI does not require its transfer students to complete any SAT-1 or SAT-2 tests.

When will I be informed of what credits transferred into WPI?

WPI only evaluates transfer credit for students who have been formally offered admission. Once a student is offered admission, they will be notified either at the time they are admitted or shortly thereafter. Please note that each academic department at WPI has a designated faculty member who evaluates each college course in their own area.

Students who have credit from an overseas university are often asked to communicate in person or via phone or email with faculty who are assessing their courses. Also, many academic departments reserve the right to either request a personal meeting with a student or to request additional course information such as syllabi, books, etc. Because of these unique circumstances, it may take longer to complete your transfer credit evaluation.

Will my transfer credits affect my final GPA at WPI?

No, WPI does not calculate a GPA. WPI will do a numerical equivalent, please contact the Registrar's office at +1-508-831-5211.

When can I expect to see my transfer credits on my WPI transcript?

Transfer credits will be posted at the beginning of the Fall term, questions regarding posting can be answered by the Registrar's office. Phone +1-508-831-5211.

I have completed two years of college. Will I graduate in two years if admitted to WPI?

It depends on how much credit you are able to transfer in, how you plan your courses at WPI and schedule your project work (Sufficiency, Interactive Project and Major Qualifying Project).

Is there an Orientation for new transfers and how do I choose my courses once I am accepted?

There is an Open House for accepted transfer students in June where students meet with department representatives to discuss course selections. The Orientation for new transfer students is in August just before classes start. Students again have the opportunity to meet with department representatives to discuss course selections during this Orientation program.

Will I be eligible for on campus housing as a transfer student?

If you wish to be considered for on campus housing, you should submit a housing request form to the Office of Residential Services. On the form, you will be asked to provide basic information about your housing preferences. Residential Services will contact you if there is a space on campus which matches your preferences and your housing request is able to be honored. If on campus housing is not available, you will need to look for off campus housing.

How do I find an off campus apartment?

Residential Services assists students with their search for off-campus housing by providing listings of available rentals in the area. You can access the apartment listings through the Residential Services Web site. The on-line system allows you to do a specific search for an off-campus apartment that meets your housing needs and preferences. The listings can also be reviewed by coming into Residential Services during regular office hours, Monday through Friday. Information on apartment hunting, housing codes, leases and legal issues is also available in our office and web site.

How do I find a roommate for my off campus apartment? I don't know any WPI students.

The apartment finder system on the Residential Services we b page has a feature that allows you to identify other students who are looking for a roommate. If you already have an apartment you can list the apartment and advertise that you are looking for a roommate. Potential roommates would then be able to contact you directly about the apartment. If you do not have an apartment, you can search the listings for students who are looking for roommates.

Are there meal plans for off campus students?

Chartwells Dining Services offers a variety of meal plans for students who do not live on campus but wish to eat on campus on occasion. The meal plans include options to dine in the Morgan or Founders dining commons (both of which are all you can eat facilities) or in the Campus Center in the "Profiles in Good Taste" Food Court. For more information about the on campus dining options, please visit the dining services web page.

Are transfer students eligible to receive financial aid? Are there any scholarships available?

Yes, transfer students are eligible for all types of need based (not merit) financial aid that other students are eligible for. To apply for financial aid students must complete the FAFSA and the CSS Profile. We will also need copies of the most recent federal taxes filed by the student and parents, as well as any W2's. Students are typically informed of a financial aid award within two weeks of their acceptance.

I completed my financial aid application materials but I haven't received an award, what should I do?

If you have completed the FAFSA and the CSS Profile and you have been accepted and it has been at least two weeks since you have received your acceptance letter you should contact the Office of Financial Aid at +1-508-831-5469 or e-mail the office at

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