Alena and David M. Schwaber ’65 Professorship in Environmental Engineering

Established in 2008 by David M. Schwaber ’65, and his wife, Alena, the professorship is awarded to the director of WPI’s Environmental Engineering Program. David Schwaber holds two degrees in chemical engineering: a BS from WPI, where he developed his interest in polymer chemistry, and an MS from Cornell University. He earned a PhD in polymer science at Akron University. Schwaber spent most of his career at his family’s business, Monarch Rubber Company, where he rose to become president. The company developed the revolutionary EVA cushioning for athletic shoes, but saw its business wane when American shoe manufacturing began moving to Asia. Drawing on the problem-solving skills he learned at WPI, he helped Monarch reemerge as a manufacturer of gasketing materials. As Monarch’s president, he continually faced the challenge of recycling manufacturing waste. The experience led to his passion for the environment and environmental engineering, and his desire to inspire that passion in others. "It’s important that scholars have a strong voice in helping solve the ecological and health crises in the world," he says. "I’m excited about helping WPI rise to that challenge."

Current Recipient: Jeanine D. Plummer

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