1997 Board of Trustees' Award for Outstanding Research and Creative Scholarship Recipient

Professor David C. Brown

David C. Brown is an internationally recognized expert in Artificial Intelligence as applied to Design. His doctoral dissertation was a seminal work in the field, was published as a book with his dissertation advisor, and remains a respected and often-cited work today. The computer language DSPL (Design and Specialist Programming Language) that he devised for this work is an innovative and powerful approach to structuring design knowledge and helped launch this field. Professor Brown's work has continued to be at the leading edge of the AI-Design field in shaping new directions of research. His work has retained its quality and freshness while deepening in scope and applicability. He has made essential and widely recognized contributions to several fundamental areas of the AI-Design field including Design Knowledge Simplification, Single Function Agent Design, Learning in Multi-Agent Design Systems, Machine Learning, Design Knowledge Modeling, Conflict Resolution, and Concurrent Engineering. Besides his role as a prolific researcher he is known as a key mentor willing to devote much time to the individuals that will become the new generation of AI-Design researchers. His extensive publication record and his service on editorial boards, conference scientific committees, and workshop organizing committees all attest to his well-deserved reputation as a Pioneer in AI-Design.

In recognition of these innovative and scholarly achievements and of his intellectual leadership in the AI-Design field, the 1997 Board of Trustees' Award for Outstanding Research and Creative Scholarship is presented to David C. Brown.

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