2002 Board of Trustees' Award for Outstanding Research and Creative Scholarship Recipient

Professor W. Grant McGimpsey

Since coming to WPI in 1989, Professor W. Grant McGimpsey has created a vibrant and highly regarded research program in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Although his formal training and the techniques he uses are those of a physical chemist, his research interests are much broader. To date, he and his students have tackled problems that deal with fundamental organic chemistry, intramolecular charge and energy transfer, biochemistry, molecular self-assembly and nanotechnology.

Professor McGimpsey is credited as one of the key developers of the two-laser, two-color spectroscopic techniques that are now widely employed in many laboratories. At WPI he established a world-class two-laser spectroscopy laboratory, initially focusing on the photophysics and photochemistry of upper excited states by two-laser processes. This work led to several important and insightful papers in the area of two-photon chemistry.

Since then his interests have expanded to include studies of intramolecular charge and energy transfer, an area with important applications in the areas of molecular electronics and Laser Eye Protection. The fact that many of the interesting polychromophoric molecules are not commercially available, did not deter

Professor McGimpsey, he simply learned the art of organic synthesis. One of the goals of his work is to develop molecular scale electronic devices as replacements for silicon-based technology. A further extension has been to develop optical probes for biosensors.

One outside reviewer noted that Professor McGimpsey’s strength is his remarkable ability to "work on the cutting edge of science and turn observations into practical applications". The strong financial support of the National Science Foundation, the Petroleum Research Fund, as well as industrial sponsors attests to the high quality and relevance of his research.

Professor McGimpsey has received widespread recognition for his creative research, and is highly regarded by his students and colleagues. In recognition of his significant contributions to diverse areas of chemistry, it is with great pride that Grant McGimpsey is named the recipient of the 2002 Board of Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Research and Creative Scholarship. Attested to this day, 16 April 2002, by the Committee.

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