1995 Board of Trustees' Award for Outstanding Teaching Recipient

Professor James S. Demetry

James S. Demetry has demonstrated excellence over a broad spectrum of teaching activities: he has been advisor at the off-campus project centers, advisor to many quality IQPs and MQPs, and an outstanding classroom teacher over many years. His dedication to the school and to his students has served as a model for over two decades.

Professor Demetry's courses are renowned for their practical approach using assigned projects to help students understand the applications of the ideas they have been learning. These projects are never boring but rather often offer new insights even to colleagues. His lectures are thoroughly prepared, his assigned homework and projects are always challenging, and he is as demanding of himself as he is of his students.

An important part of Professor Demetry's teaching efforts has been involved with the advising of projects. He has advised a large number of IQPs and MQPs covering a broad range of subjects, many of which were honored in competitions. He has been advisor at the Washington, D.C., San Francisco, London, and Municipal Project Centers and has devoted much effort to secure sponsors for projects at those centers. He was one of the first advisors at WPI's first project center in Washington. Those were pioneering efforts, for methods and standards were not yet formulated or established.

Professor Demetry is greatly admired by thte project students he has advised. They cite him as being a true role model as a professional and as a person. Students have referred to him as the father-figure of the ECE Department, giving him credit for the inspiration to continue as an engineering student. His guidance both in academic matters and more personal matters has been described as invaluable. His weekly progress meetings have kept the project work on track. He always participated fully in all activities associated with the off-campus projects (sometimes above and beyond the call of duty - he volunteered to sit in the front seat of the roller coaster at Paramount Theme Park in San Francisco). Professor Demetry made the entire experience off-campus a success on both a professional and recreational level.

After twenty-four years he remains an enthusiastic teacher and mentor, always displaying integrity and a genuine affection for his students and his school. For his humanity and for his excellence in virtually every educational role open to a faculty member at WPI, we proudly present the 1995 Board of Trustees' Award for Outstanding Teaching to Professor James S. Demetry.

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