Directory Edit

Members of the WPI Community can edit certain portions of their online directory display, including:

  • Making your information private to WPI.
    If you set privacy, people who do not have a WPI login ID will not be able to display your directory data.
  • Declaring whether you want to receive CDC mailing.
    The Career Development Center sends informative mailings to students. You can choose whether to receive these.
  • Associating a web site with your directory entry.
    A URI is a URL plus a descriptive phrase. You might list your WPI homepage here.
  • Associating a photo with your directory entry.
    You may tell the directory where to find a photo of yourself on the WPI system in JPG format for display next to your directory information.

To update this information, you will start by authenticating with your Username and Password.

Any changes beyond the ones listed above, including addresses, phone numbers, and other identifying information, must be made within the WPI Web Information System.

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