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Land Ownership

With the recent closing of West Street, the WPI campus was united within the bounds of Salisbury Street to the north, Boynton Street to the east, Institute Road to the south, and Park Avenue to the west. These boundaries are generally accepted as the primary edges to the core campus. Beyond these bounds, WPI has acquired a number of properties with a strategy that has been more opportunistic than strategic in terms of its organization.

In recent history, WPI has tended towards expansion south to Highland Street. WPI also owns nearly all of the property between Boynton and Dean Streets with a concentration of fraternities along both Dean and Wachuset that are associated with, but not owned by, the University.

WPI has also recently acquired Salisbury Gardens, though it continues to operate the apartment complex as open-market housing. Evidence of the lack of suitable rental housing in the Worcester area, 60% of the units here are occupied by WPI students, with a significant number of the remaining units occupied by Assumption students.

WPI also holds land across Park Avenue, the most significant piece of which is dedicated to tennis courts and a small green area for track and field events.

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