Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) Master Planning Materials

Working Committee

Committee Member Title
Michael J. Carney Assistant Vice President for Human Resources
Philip N. Clay Associate Dean of Students
Director of Residential Services
Paul W. Davis Dean of Interdisciplinary and Global Studies
George S. Flett Associate Vice President for Marketing
Dana L. Harmon Director, Physical Education and Athletics
Kevin Kelly Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
Arlene Lowenstein Dean of Continuing and Professional Education
Benjamin R. Thompson Director, Computing Services
Janet Begin Richardson Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
Dean of Student Life
Christopher L. Salter Manager of Trades
Lance Schacterle Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs
Helen M. Shuster Director, Gordon Library
Judith L. Trainor Budget Director
Brian Roberts Student, Alumnus
Michael J. Schwartz '04 SGA President
Gretar Tryggvason Head, Mechanical Engineering Department
Jill Rulfs Head, Biology and Biotechnology Department
Kent J. Rissmiller Social Sciences and Policy Studies
Chair, Committee on Governance
Micha Hofri Computer Science
Kevin A. Clements Electrical and Computer Engineering
Stephen N. Jasperson Physics
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