The WPI International Corporate Leaders Roundtable: The Impact of Evolving Technologies on the Future of Business

Hotel Majestic, Barcelona, Spain
April 20, 2001

An exploration of the theory and practice of information technology in the 21st century.

Theory: future directions in key technologies--where they are going and what will their impact be on business systems and cultures--as seen by leading academicians.

Practice: the evolution and convergence of information technologies and their impact on business as seen by corporate leaders.

Key Technologies: wireless communications, nanotechnology, microelectromechanical machines, materials.

Key Business Sectors: transportation, communications, appliances, computing, electronics.

PLEASE NOTE: The corporate leaders will receive WPI's Presidential Medal, awarded to individuals who exemplify the ideal of the technological humanist.

For more information, contact:
Strategy Associates, Inc.
Julia Tanen

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