Kranich Prize

The Wilmer L. and Margaret M. Kranich Prize honors students majoring in engineering or science who best exemplify excellence in the humanities and arts and the integration of these disciplines into their undergraduate experience. This includes, but is not limited to, course work, independent projects such as the humanities and arts project, and extracurricular activities. The award is open to students who are majors in any discipline other than humanities and arts and who are completing their junior year or senior year. Wilmer Kranich was dean of graduates studies at WPI, and Margaret Kranich taught a variety of courses at WPI over the years. The Kranich Prize was established in 1994.

Student Nominations

 2014 Giovanna Cutietta Olson, Civil Engineering
 2013 Cassandra Lynn Stacy, Environmental Engineering
Jacquelyn Eireann Tupper, Environmental Engineering
 2012 Chelsea Ross, Biology & Biotechnology
Stephanie, Biochemistry

Lydia  George, Biomedical Engineering
Honorable Mentions 
Nathan Horvath, Aerospace Engineering


Linnea M. Palmer Paton, Civil Engineering and Environmental Policy & Development
Honorable Mentions
Jason Gabriel,  Mechanical Engineering
John Upton, Civil Engineering

2009 Krista L. Dietz '09, civil & environmental engineering major, New Milford, Connecticut
Honorable Mentions
Joseph A. Krasinskas '09, civil & environmental engineering major, Sutton, Massachusetts
2008 Alexandra M. Sanseverino '09, biology & biotechnology and humanities & arts major, New Haven, Connecticut
Honorable Mentions
Casey M. Raasumaa '08, biochemistry major, Farmington, New Hampshire
Daniel J. Smaltz '09, chemistry major, Paxton, Massachusetts
2007 Genevieve A. Desaulniers '08, biology/biotechnology major, Rockland, Maine
2007 Lori A. Ferris '07, chemistry major, Quincy, Massachusetts
2006 Amanda E. Lewis '07, chemical engineering major, Bethel, Vermont
2005 Katrina Hildebrand '05, technical, scientific and professional communications major, New Sweden, Maine.
2004 Amanda A. Roberts '04, civil and environmental engineering major, Farmington, Maine.
Sarah E. Walsh '04, biomedical engineering major, Monroe, New York.
2003 Sarah A. Linderme '03, electrical and computer engineering major, Holyoke, Massachusetts.
2002 Frances Maria Saccoccio '03, biology and biotechnology major, Lake Ronkonkoma, New York.
2001 Karen C. Kosinski '02, biology and biotechnology major, Middletown, Rhode Island.
2000 Paul J. Kaplo '00, mechanical engineering major, Virginia Beach, Virginia.
1999 Anna Matzal '99, biotechnology major, Blairstown, New Jersey.
1998 MariLisa Billa '98, physics major, Rome, Italy.
Man Ching Cheung '98, biochemistry major, Chelmsford, Massachusetts.
1997 Jeffrey R. Tenney '97, biology and biotechnology major, Taunton, Massachusetts.
1996 Noah L. Weisleder '96, biology and biotechnology major, East Corinth, Maine.
1995 Greta H. Boynton '96, biology and biotechnology major, Gloucester, Mass.
David S. Ricketts '95, electrical and computer engineering major, Martinsburg, West Virginia.

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