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President's IQP Awards

The President's IQP awards are given to student teams whose conception, performance, and presentation of their Interactive Qualifying Projects (IQPs) have been judged outstanding in focusing on the relationships among science, technology, and the needs of society.


Entry Rules and Guidelines

President's IQP awards entry deadline will be Wednesday, September 23rd @ 11:59 pm. 

Please review the entry rules and guidelines before submitting your entry.

  1. A project may be submitted after its completion. Completion is defined as follows: If the Registrar has recorded the Completion of Degree Requirement form (CDR), the project is completed for those students named on the forms.
  2. A project may be submitted only once.
  3. To enter the competition, the project author(s) must:
  • All entries are via online survey
  • Submit an Executive Summary (file size 16MB max) of no more than five single-spaced pages in 12pt font. Note: You may revise the executive summary submitted with your final project report for this purpose. This summary should accurately represent the report and call attention to those features of the project which are felt to be outstanding and worthy of consideration by the Awards Committee. This summary is a major factor in the preliminary appraisal stage. Projects are unlikely to get beyond the preliminaries if the summary is poorly written. We urge you to discuss your Executive Summary with your advisor.
  • Project report. Normally, electronic copies of the project are available in the Gordon Library's database. A link to the report should be provided on the entry form. if the report is not available through the library please consult with Ruth McKeogh in IGSD ( regarding access to the report.
  • Notify your IQP advisor(s) that you will be entering your project in the competition.
  • Project advisors will be asked to comment, in writing, on the project for the Awards Committee. A positive recommendation from the advisor(s) is required before a project will move beyond the preliminary stage to the finalist stage.
  • Accuracy of information in this survey is important as the survey has triggers-correct spelling son names and emails

The competition presentation this year will be on Friday, 29 January 2021.  There will be oral presentations- either in person or via video conference.

Browse President's IQP Awards Recipients

Year Recipient Award level Type Details
2009 Diana M. Berlo, Jennifer L. Hunt, Amanda L. Martori, Justin L. Skelly Second Place Undergraduate

"Wind Generation on Nantucket"

Advisor: Michael Elmes

2008 Lauren N. Alex, Jessy L. Cusack, Augustina I. Mills, Alejandro E. Sosa-Boyd First Place Undergraduate

"Design and Construction of a Communal Laundry Station in Monwabisi Park, Cape Town"

Advisors: Scott Jiusto, Stephen Weininger

2008 Kenneth J. Barnett, Derek J. Eggiman, Jesse O. Sawyer Second Place Undergraduate

"Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Related to Food: A Study of Two Cafeterias in the Danish Municipality of Lyngby-Taarbæk"

Advisor: Peter Christopher

2008 Michael C. Hyde, Sean W. Seymour, Daniel W. Tennant, Minh H. Truong Second Place Undergraduate

"Four Tourists and Hong Kong's Harbourfront: A Survey of the Waterfront of Victoria Harbour"

Advisors: Kevin Clements, Paul Davis

2008 Nicholas D. Careau, Martha F. Gray, Charlie A. Mezak, Phyllis A. Wall Second Place Undergraduate

"Managing Water and Sanitation in the Fish River Basin"

Advisors: Creighton Peet, Reinhold Ludwig

2008 Steve H. Shin, Natasha L. Deschene, Daniel M. Morehouse, Max A. Kuhns Second Place Undergraduate

"Evaluating the Effectiveness of Hands-On-History at the Tower of London"

Advisors: Peter Hansen, Stanley Selkow

2007 Jason P. Frey, Ryan S. Kendrick, Jodi M. Lowell, John M. Rothermel First Place Undergraduate

"Energy Profiling for Off-Grid Energization Solutions in Namibia"

Advisors: Robert Krueger & Fred Looft

2007 Danielle A. Dionne, Amanda L. Tichy, Jessica E. Sullivan-Keizer, Derrick DiConti Second Place Undergraduate

"HIV/AIDS Prevention Education: A Look at the HIV/AIDS Awareness activities at the Polytechnic of Namibia"

Advisors: Robert Krueger & Fred Looft

2007 Shannon E. O'Toole, Brandon R. Finzel, Justin Perron, Jacob E. Russell Second Place Undergraduate

"Noise Data Farming for the City of Boston"

Advisors: Chrysanthe Demetry & Kevin Clements

2007 Gabriel Baldwin, Benjamin Childs, Carolyn Hunter, Victoria Urrea Third Place Undergraduate

Developing a Strategy to Improve Solar Home System Sustainability in Rural Thailand

2007 Michael A. Irace, James P. Chryssanthaacopoulos, Chukwunomso Agunwamba, Eyuel Abebe, Muzhtaba Tawkeer Islam Third Place Undergraduate

Demand Response Programs in the Greater Boston Area

2006 Brian Foley, Hans Jensen, Tyler Forbes, Adam Young First Place Undergraduate

"Holy Name Central Catholic Jr. / Sr. High School Wind Turbine Feasibility IQP"

Advisor: Alexander Emanuel 

2006 Nicole J Labbe, Nicholas S McBride, Ethan Malcolm Ray First Place Undergraduate

Erosion and Flood Control in the Informal Settlements of Windhoek, Namibia

2005 Ashley J. Bourgault, Witt C. Guinn, Kathryn L. Herchenroder and David P. Stechmann First Place Undergraduate

"Composting for Sustainable Waste Management"

Advisors: Scott Jiusto and Lauren Matthews

2005 Simon D. Beckwith, Julia A. Cohn, Leigh C. Duren and Kyle R. Lewis First Place Undergraduate

"Irrigation Development to Improve the Lives of Impoverished Children (Kanchanaburi, Thailand)"

Advisors: Robert Krueger and Stephen Pierson

2005 Paul P. Kastner, J. Michael McHugh, Anne L. St. Martin and Jacquelyn Youssef Second Place Undergraduate

"Assessing Prepay Water Metering in the Informal Settlements of Windhoek"

Advisors: W. Bland Addison and Stephen J. Weininger

2005 Sean P. Donovan, Alexander H. Hecht and Justin Woodwood Second Place Undergraduate

"Developing a Robotics Outreach Program"

Advisors: Brad Miller and Kenneth Stafford

2005 Brian J. Catalano, Kristen J. Gervais and Ryan D. Third Place Undergraduate

"Preserving the Nautical Traditions and Maritime Heritage of Venice, Italy"

Advisors: Fabio Carrera and John Zeugner

2004 Andrew Mumford, Jessica Sulzmann and Jesse Tippett First Place Undergraduate

"Energy Efficiency Guidelines for Low-Cost Housing"

Advisors: Art Gerstenfeld and Susan-Gerstenfeld

2004 Adam Bryant, Andrew Campbell and Patrick Salmon Second Place Undergraduate

"Development of Communal Washing Facilities for the Northwest Settlements of Windhoek, Namibia"

Advisors: Art Gerstenfeld and Susan-Gerstenfeld

2004 Chase Cote, Kevin Monahan and Steve Toddes Second Place Undergraduate

"The Development of an Irrigation System in the Village Of Nong Din Dam"

Advisors: Joel Brattin and Steve Weininger

2004 Benjamin Mar and Christopher Treat Third Place Undergraduate

"Increasing Awareness of Lahu Culture through Solar Technology"

Advisors: Joel Brattin and Steve Weininger

2004 Krista Backiel, Andrew Day, Jaime Grouf, and Dimitri Stancioff Third Place Undergraduate

"Noise Monitoring in San Juan, Puerto Rico"

Advisors: Bland Addison and Tahar El-Korchi

2003 Jonathan Bayreuther, Joel Lofgren, Smriti Shrestha First Place Undergraduate

"Building a Cyclist's Comfort Guide"

Advisor: Holly Ault

2003 Thomas Battistini, Melinda Palma, Amanda Roberts, Christopher Vigneau Second Place Undergraduate

"Recommendations to Improve Quality of Life at the Pakkred Home"

Advisors: Chrysanthe Demetry, Richard Vaz

2003 Erin Hicks, Justin Johnson, Michael Torilli Third Place Undergraduate

"Water Management in the Upper Catchment of the Kuiseb River Basin"

Advisors: Steven Pierson; Creighton Peet

2003 Jennifer Flynn, Paul Fydenkevez, Brian McCarthy, Christine O'Connell Third Place Undergraduate

"Optimizing Parking Regulations Enforcement and Revenue Collection in the City of Cambridge"

Advisors: Fabio Carrera, Angel Rivera

2003 Patrick Lahar, Brittany Doucette, William Durgin Third Place Undergraduate

"Analysis Model of Resources for Costa Rican Firefighters"

Advisors: H.J. Manzari, Susan Vernon-Gerstenfeld

2003 Brad Pelletier, Eryn Samuels, Adam Levesque Undergraduate

"Solid Waste Management in Costa Rica and the United States - A Comparative Analysis of Five Municipalities"

Advisors: Susan Vernon-Gerstenfeld, H.J. Manzari

2003 Richard Ballard, Andrew Fowler, Colin Joyce, Jason Myatt Undergraduate

"Sustainable Development Mini-Guides"

Advisor: Hossein Hakim

2003 Zachary Lewko, Houng Ly, Kevin Menard Undergraduate

"Developing an On-Line Community for Nurses"

Advisors: James Demetry, Donald Brown