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Emily M. Douglas
Project Inclusion Co-chair

As the Project Inclusion (PI) co-chair for the 2018-2019 academic year, Emily M. Douglas, department head of the Department of Social Science & Policy Studies, says the initiative brings a fresh perspective to WPI. PI helps the university create a more inclusive community for all its members, and Douglas’s involvement connects to her personal values and professional interests in social problems.

Douglas is pleased with WPI’s commitment to PI. “I know many universities prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI),” she says, “but I have never seen a university take on DEI initiatives in such a comprehensive manner as WPI is with PI.” Douglas says WPI’s unified approach makes things happen. “It’s amazing to see how open everyone is to moving the needle in the direction of creating a more diverse and inclusive community,” she says. “It’s inspiring.”

Year 2 of PI brings the committee a new set of tasks. “Project Inclusion is a multi-year project, so each year addresses a new area of campus life,” says Douglas. “In Year 2, we are focused on administrative leadership and curriculum. We are also taking the findings from Year 1 and working with Management Council members to implement changes that move the campus closer to being competent in DEI.”

As co-chair, she enjoys the opportunity to work with and learn from others who are skilled with DEI initiatives. “It provides an opportunity for everyone to engage with this work in a meaningful way,” she says, “to share ideas, values, resources, and to get to know each other better … which can only bring the campus closer together and to send a unified message that everyone is welcome and will be supported at WPI.”