Competitions like the Kalenian Award and the Strage Innovation Award at WPI challenge students to rise to the next level of their innovation and thought process.


The student-run LaunchPad works with faculty and alumni to bring non-academic, innovation-driven student projects to life. Students may bring ideas for a new startup or a plan to improve a campus process - the goal of looking forward and pursuing passions outside the realm of a major establishes a foundation for transformative work.


Learning isn't limited to seven-week semesters. Students may take advantage of Wintersession over the winter break to learn new skills, try out new activities, or explore a new interest.

Innovation to Impact

The university recognizes the potential global influence of projects that happen in the WPI community's classrooms, labs, collaboration spaces, and residence halls. That's why our "Innovation to Impact" challenges are so exciting. These competitions ask students to define a problem, develop an idea on how to solve it, and the create a prototype. Tackling some of the world's biggest challenges begins this way.