An innovator mindset can be learned...

The Collaborative for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (CEI) is a university-wide program offering students, faculty, and alumni with the mindset and resources to start new ventures or create intellectual property.

Founded in 1999, CEI’s mission is to inspire and nurture people to discover, create, and commercialize new technological products and services, and to create new organizations based on those products and services, thereby advancing economic development and improving society. CEI is particularly concerned with innovation that matters, innovation that the market values or that contributes to the improvement of society and environment. These innovations may include products, practices, processes, systems, or services. And while CEI is active in the regional innovation ecosystem impacting regional economic, political, and social growth and leveraging and contributing to global innovation, the focus is foremost on assisting WPI researchers and students in their pursuit to innovate.

In addition to being great problem solvers, today our graduates need to be great opportunity-seekers… we want them to be able to see what others do not see in terms of how their science and engineering can be applied to help consumers.
Frank Hoy
Paul R. Beswick
Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Bring Your Best

One of the best ways for students to raise capital for their projects is through competitions. WPI runs several competitions throughout the year, many with significant prize amounts. But we can also help you find and enter other competitions to generate funds.

Making Connections

CEI offers resources for students to learn more about entrepreneurship and innovation, to connect with others in their field, and to find workspaces and funding. The center can help you connect with the larger entrepreneurial community that exists across Worcester and the state. You'll become part of the network that helps keep innovation flourishing.