Entrepreneurs often need support and training to help them shape their ideas and then move their ideas forward. WPI can help innovators and entrepreneurs connect with potential sources of support and with those who can help guide them to success in finding funding.

Entrepreneurial Support

Coleman Foundation

The Coleman Foundation Faculty Entrepreneurship Fellows Program was developed by the private, independent Coleman Foundation to promote entrepreneurship and self-employment education in departments across the campuses of colleges and universities. Every year, grants are awarded to college and university faculty members across the country who are actively incorporating entrepreneurial concepts and activities into their teaching.

A number of WPI faculty members have been recognized as Coleman Fellows for encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship in our students:


The Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN), part of the Kern Family Foundation, brings together faculty nationwide who are incorporating entrepreneurial mindset learning into their engineering curriculum. WPI faculty have received many grants from the Kern Family Foundation to support entrepreneurial mindset learning across disciplines and throughout the culture of WPI. Biomedical engineering professor Glenn Gaudette received the 2015 KEEN Outstanding Faculty Award and is committed to helping students develop the ability to think like entrepreneurs, whether they plan to start a business or not.

Learn more about how WPI faculty are committed to implementing entrepreneurial mindset learning into the curriculum in the most effective way possible. 

Venture Well

Venture Well works with researchers in the fields of global health, sustainable materials, and energy efficiency to bring ideas to commercial viability. The organization provides funding support and seed money for efforts including early stage innovation or faculty grants.