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Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Embark program has been postponed for C-Term. 

WPI’s Embark program is for students, faculty, and staff who want to create change with a start-up, nonprofit, or product ideas but aren’t sure exactly where to begin. 

Embark is a program of six (6) two-hour workshops offered over three days. Attendees participate in engaging and interactive workshops facilitated by alumni experts, industry specialists, and faculty.

Topics from previous Embark sessions: 

  • Key Elements of a Successful Pitch
  • Influence and the Economics of Credibility
  • Starting a Business in 30 Minutes
  • Fundraising

Embark participants are encouraged to attend all six workshops, but they are free to choose and RSVP to the workshops they would like to attend. 

Through various workshops that focus on areas such as daily goal setting, storytelling, pitching, market segmentation, and fundraising, participants will be able to gauge whether the start-up and entrepreneurial lifestyle is something that fits their goals and life plans.

Check back for upcoming fall semester workshop dates.


Kristie DeJesus, Senior Associate/Director, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Tel:  +1 (508) 831 5000 x6140