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Launched in the Spring 2020, the program is tailored to allow students to pursue their startup idea with their IQP/MQP/Capstone projects. Students get course credit for creating a new business or innovation through an IQP and integrated ID2050 course customized for entrepreneurship and advised under the I&E Sandbox. The I&E Sandbox IQP is offered in a global format. Students work 14 weeks on their startup, 7 of which are full-time where students work solely on their business without other course and extracurricular activities. This experience can be extended to an interdisciplinary MQP and/or ISP. A customized entrepreneurial cultural experience replaces the global experience, but it could also include a global experience too. 

One example IQP completed in the Spring 2021:

Pallyt: DoorDash for home construction. This startup offers a construction marketplace service that provides homeowners a convenient, cost-effective way to order materials at a moment’s notice and get immediate delivery. This IQP was completed in the Spring 2021 in collaboration with the WPI Business School. The entrepreneurial cultural experience was changed due to COVID-19. Instead, the team participated in the WPI iCorp program as part of the IQP). In the Fall 2021, this startup will advance into an interdisciplinary MQP with 8 students, 6 advisors, and 5 departments (Computer Science, Civil Eng., Industrial Eng., Business, and I&E)

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