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I. Purpose:

The purpose of the Marketing Committee is to steward the WPI brand and image, assure that the Institute has internal and external marketing and communications programs targeted at specific market segments, and that our programs are consistent with clearly defined objectives to enhance the reputation and recognition of the Institute.

II. Organization:

a. Review of Charter. This charter shall be reviewed and reassessed by the Marketing Committee at least annually, and any proposed changes shall be submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval.

b. Membership/Structure/Quorum. The Marketing Committee shall consist of five or more members appointed by and serving at the pleasure of the Chair of the Board. The Chair of the Marketing Committee shall be appointed by the Chair of the Board. The Chair of the Board and the President shall be members ex officio of the Marketing Committee. Members should have experience in marketing and communications and should be able to open doors for external support of the Institute. A quorum of any meeting of the Marketing Committee shall consist of a majority of its voting members.

c. Staff Designee. The Chief Marketing Officer and the Senior Vice President and/or their designees, shall be staff to the Committee.

d. Meetings. Meetings shall be held in conjunction with regularly scheduled meetings of the Board, or as deemed necessary by the Chair of the Committee.

e. Agenda, Minutes and Reports. The Chair of the Committee, in collaboration with the staff designee, shall be responsible for establishing the agendas for meetings of the Committee. An agenda, together with relevant materials, shall be sent to the Committee members in advance of each meeting. Minutes for all meetings shall be prepared in draft form by the staff designee and reviewed by the Chair, and shall be approved by the Committee members at the following meeting. The minutes shall be distributed periodically to the full Board of Trustees. The Committee shall make regular reports to the Board of Trustees.

III. Authority and Responsibilities:

The Committee’s primary responsibilities are as follows:

a. Recommend to the Board appropriate language and visual representation of WPI to external audiences;

b. Educate the WPI community and members of the Board as to their responsibilities as ambassadors of the WPI brand;

c. Assure adequate resources and proper usage of marketing funds to support the strategic plan;

d. Assure proper positioning of WPI with the media;

e. Maintain liaison with the Budget and Finance Committee to ensure alignment of objectives;

f. Ensure unified branding and messaging across the institution; and

g. Conduct an annual self-evaluation of the performance of the Committee, and the effectiveness and compliance with this charter.