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Hampton Inn

Exterior image of the Hampton Inn

First-Year Residence 

The hotel, located at 65 Prescott Street (between Faraday Hall and 60 Prescott Street/Gateway I), is a short (10-minute) walk from WPI’s main campus and will house around 185 students. Shuttle service will also be available, with Hampton Inn being added as a stop on the Gateway Shuttle Loop and serviced by SNAP. WPI students and Resident Advisors (RAs), supported by WPI staff and hotel staff, will be the only occupants of the hotel, which will be operated as a secure residence hall and will require an ID card for access.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A photo of two beds with white linens in the Hampton Inn hotel.
Photo courtesy Hampton Inn
A photo of a bathroom with a white toilet, white sink, and framed photo on the far wall.
Photo courtesy Hampton Inn
A photo from inside a bathroom looking out the door, with the door half-closed.
Photo courtesy Hampton Inn
An exterior photo of the Hampton Inn Worcester, a gray and reddish building against a blue sky.
Photo courtesy Hampton Inn