Table of Contents

  • Conflict of Interest Policy (Endorsed by the Faculty and Recommended for Adoption by the Board of Trustees, March 20, 2003)
  • Appendix A (pdf, 127 KB) – Proposal Routing Form (PRF) 
  • Appendix B (pdf, 88 KB) – Conflict of Interest Disclosure for NSF Submissions (DELETED)
  • Appendix C (pdf, 90 KB) – Conflict of Interest Disclosure for PHS Submissions (DELETED)
  • Appendix D – Individuals Who Must Sign Disclosure1
  • Appendix E – Implementation of the Final Rule on Conflicts of Interest in Public Health Service Funded Research (NEW!)
  • Appendix F (pdf, 22 KB) – Travel Disclosure Form (DELETED)

1Disclosure means WPI’s annual disclosure