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WPI reaffirms its commitment to the principle of equal opportunity and equal treatment in education and employment regardless of a person's race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran's status, or national origin. In accepting either a faculty or staff position at WPI, an individual agrees to share this commitment in the performance of his or her assigned responsibilities and in interactions with faculty and staff colleagues and students.

WPI strives to provide all staff and faculty with a work environment that is free of harassment or other unreasonable interference with the performance of their university duties. We aspire to be a community of colleagues in which mutual respect guides our day-to-day interactions. While the university respects an individual's right to self-expression, it expects that the rights and concerns of others who work at WPI are respected as well. At WPI, there is no place in the work environment for conduct that demeans or belittles another person. For these reasons, harassment of any kind is unacceptable.

The above complies with WPI’s Anti-Harassment Policy. View the Anti-Harassment Policy.