Appendix D: Individuals Who Must Sign Disclosure

Anyone in a position to affect research, teaching, advising, or scholarship that could affect the University adversely including:

1. All Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

2. All Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

  • Distinguished Academic Visitor
  • Research Professor

  • Research Associate Professor

  • Research Assistant Professor

  • Visiting Professor

  • Visiting Associate Professor

  • Visiting Assistant Professor

  • Visiting Instructor

  • Adjunct Professor

  • Adjunct Associate Professor

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor

  • Adjunct Instructor

  • Professor of Practice

  • Affiliate Professor

  • Affiliate Associate Professor

  • Affiliate Assistant Professor

  • Affiliate Instructor

  • Staff with Teaching Responsibilities

  • Athletic Coaches

3. All Research Personnel

  • Research Associate

  • Research Scientist

  • Research Engineer

  • Senior Research Engineer

  • Senior Research Associate

  • Post-Doctoral Fellow

4. The President's Administrative Group 

5. Any other individuals who might affect research or research results

  • Visiting Scientists

  • Visiting Scholars

  • Anyone submitting a research proposal

6. Any other individual, designated by Vice President or Department Head, with significant financial interest

7. All Exempt Staff