Endorsed by the WPI Faculty on May 20, 2004

Graduates of WPI will:

  1. have a base of knowledge in mathematics, science, and humanistic studies.
  2. have mastered fundamental concepts and methods in their principal areas of study.
  3. understand and employ current technological tools.
  4. be effective in oral, written and visual communication.
  5. function effectively both individually and on teams.
  6. be able to identify, analyze, and solve problems creatively through sustained critical investigation.
  7. be able to make connections between disciplines and to integrate information from multiple sources.
  8. be aware of how their decisions affect and are affected by other individuals separated by time, space, and culture.
  9. be aware of personal, societal, and professional ethical standards.
  10. have the skills, diligence, and commitment to excellence needed to engage in lifelong learning.