The WPI Task Force on Sustainability


The purpose of the WPI Task Force on Sustainability, led by John Orr and Jeff Solomon as Co-Chairs, is to provide leadership and coordination for WPI's campus-wide efforts in energy and resource conservation and reduction in the harmful environmental impacts of our operations, all directed toward enhancing the long-term sustainability of WPI's activities and the environment of which we are a part.  We are an educational institution; thus, these goals are interwoven with our academic goals in teaching about the practices of sustainable design and the impacts of behavioral changes, as well as in conducting research in the reduction of environmental impacts and in methods of enhancing sustainability.

The task force is drawn from, and works with, all segments of the WPI community:  students, faculty, and staff.  Further, since WPI is an active member of the local, regional, and world communities, the work of this task force will have impacts beyond the WPI campus.

The task force will produce an Annual Sustainability Report of its operations and accomplishments.


Task Force members are appointed by the President.

The WPI Task Force on Sustainability Members
John A. Orr  Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Jeffrey S. Solomon Executive VP/CFO, Finance and Operations 
Alfredo DiMauro Assistant VP for Facilties
Philip Clay Dean of Students    

Amy Morton Chief Marketing Officer

Rick Sisson Dean of Graduate Studies
Liz Tomaszewski Facilities Systems Manager/Sustainability Coordinator
Joe Kraskouskas Dining Services Manager
Linda Looft  Assistant VP of Government & Communication Relations
Karen Oates  Dean of Arts & Science, Professor
Rob Krueger Director, Environmental and Sustainability Studies Program
Paul Mathisen Associate Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Pam Weathers  Professor of Biology & Biotechnology
Alex Zitoli Students for a Just and Stable Future
Mary Prescott Student Coordinator and President of Student Green Team
Binam Kayastha Student Coordinator and Member of Student Green Team


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Join in the Sustainability Discussion

We need community input on to build consensus on the future directions for WPI. Contact, or check out What You Can Do.